Our Brand

KAILEXBABY is a Black Woman-owned online marketplace with a wide variety of products for your children: black dolls, grooming kits, proofing kits, feeding sets

KAILEXBABY was born with the mission to create safe and effective products that would be affordable for parents. These principles set the way in which we apply our values to the different phases of our product development. 


"Your Baby's Safety is our Priority" 

We love our babies, and we understand how critical it is for baby products to be safe. All our products have all the required certifications to ensure the safety of your babies and their wellbeing. We don't compromise on safety.


" Provide High quality Products at Affordable Prices"

Every parent wants the best products for their children and should not have to compromise because of the price. Our premium products are intentionally provided at affordable prices. Our focus is not to increase our profits, but to make sure many parents are able to enjoy high quality products.


" Be a Helping Hand, Peace of Mind for Parents"

We understand how challenging it is when a new baby arrives, and we would like to simplify your life and allow you to take care of yourself and enjoy the time you spend with your baby. Our goal is to provide you with free content and be part of your support system to assist you as you embark on this great journey.