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Princess Bianga Doll & Books & Accessories 12-In-1 Set

Princess Bianga Doll & Books & Accessories 12-In-1 Set

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This package  at 51.99$    34.99 $ includes :

  • a 14 inches black Princess doll with soft curly hair,  a toy brush, a toy comb, a toy mirror, 2 outfits with 3 headbands and a doll underwear (value 26.99$)
  • a 40 pages story book about Princess Bianga Adventures in a west African Kingdom , "Legends of the Mahab Kingdom: the awakening"(Value 14.99$)
  • a 24 pages coloring book with black affirmations "Legends of the Mahab Kingdom coloring book" (Value 9.99$)

What is Unique about our Doll?

  • Black Representation & Inspiration: 
    • Bianga is more than a Doll, She is a Black Princess of a West African Kingdom. She is a black girl hero in the original African Story "Legends of the Mahab Kingdom" with the Movie available on youtube. She is a Female Wakanda like super hero, not afraid to embark on a journey of untold wonder and great adventure to save her kingdom.
    • Black and brown little girls would be able to identify themselves as princesses , just like Princess Bianga who is beautiful, smart , and fearless. Illustrations of a black royal family in the story book are powerful for kids to see and are inspiring.


  • A Thoughtful And Fun Gift with a Fashionable Doll:
    • We combine bright and trendy styles with a cute design to bring your little princess a black baby girl doll that’s fun, tall, and a joy to play with whether at home or on the go.This fashion doll for girls is also the perfect way to encourage your little princess to use her imagination and creativity to come up with different fashions and accessories.
    • This cute yet realistic black baby doll can easily be paired with different dresses to match any setting. It makes the perfect gift for Christmas, Holidays, Birthdays, New Year, Black History Month and any other occasion. It is encouraging, uplifting and empowering. 
  • Engaging And Educational:
    • The coloring book is centered about self-love, with fun activities to tell your little ones how unique they are. It has has positive affirmations to build your child's confidence and self-esteem.
    •  The story book teaches  about caring for the ones we love and overcoming adversity. It promotes values such as team work, perseverance, dedication, courage and hard work.

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